Skin Conditions

Skin Conditions

Hot, itchy conditions such as eczema or psoriasis are indicators of inflammation often due to a combination of diet and stress which creates acidity in the tissues. Rashes can have a multitude of causes: Some are contagious such as measles or chicken pox, and appear in a defined way; others are non-contagious and can be due to allergies (food, drugs or environment). Among the common infectious skin conditions are impetigo, cold sores, warts (including molluscum contagiosum) and Candida Albicans (thrush).

Dry skin can indicate more serious conditions such as thyroid problems, but these usually occur alongside other symptoms. On its own, a dry (most common) or oily skin can be an indicator that the body’s nutritional needs are not being met, and may require a dietary change. Skin colour can be an indicator of a deeper cause such as the yellow hue of jaundice or the characteristic red facial rash of acne rosacea (not to be confused with teenage acne or acne vulgaris).

Acne is a common condition in teenage skin due mainly to a combination of hormone surges, diet, stress and skin cleansing (or lack of it). Excess exposure to strong sun or tanning salons has been linked to the development of skin lesions such as melanoma. With ageing the more common lesions are ulcers, especially on the lower leg; and varicose eczema.


Traditional Treatments for Skin Conditions