Respiratory Conditions

Respiratory Conditions

Conditions which affect the lungs and bronchus can range from a simple irritating cough to severe asthma and a range of chronic diseases. Most respiratory conditions are inflammatory in origin: that is, the symptoms are caused by tissue being inflamed by an irritant such as an allergen, a bacteria or a virus. If severe and chronic the lung tissue can lose much of its elasticity and ability to absorb oxygen. Very occasionally the cause of the problem is cancerous tissue.

Coughs can be productive or non-productive i.e. the cough causes phlegm in the back of the throat/the mouth. A non-productive cough is likely to be described as dry and irritating. If the cough only occurs at night it may be the result of mucus (phlegm) trickling down the back of the throat when you lie flat. Phlegm can range in colour from clear/white – likely due to an allergen, through to green/brown which indicates an infection. Brown phlegm is often associated with a ‘smoker’s cough’.

Asthma conditions range in severity and cause, and cover the whole age range; although more commonly seen in children than in adults. The other chronic respiratory conditions tend to be classified together as COPD – chronic obstructive airways disease; and once diagnosed, patients are closely monitored by their local NHS service.

If you have a persistent cough (more than two weeks) which has not responded to simple home treatment such as honey and lemon, you should seek advice from a qualified practitioner.respiratory-system

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