Remedial Massage & the Hendrickson Method ™

Remedial Massage and Hendrickson Method

Musculoskeletal complaints affect most of us at some time. Most of these complaints result in a loss of mobility, soreness, stiff muscles or joint pain.

The primary aim of therapeutic massage is to restore mobility and function and to ease pain.

Massage benefits not only those who are physically active but also those whose lifestyle is more sedentary through work situations, age or disability. Tightened or wasted soft tissue, stiff and inflexible joints can be caused by under or over use as well as by injury or surgery.  

Remedial Massage is the basis of many therapeutic massage methods. It involves strokes applied to your skin and uses oils to help the flow of the massage. At Healing Thyme we use oils derived from plants rather than mineral oils. Remedial massage gets its name from the intention of working to remedy your ailments.

Hendrickson Method and Manual Therapy (HM) is an advanced style of bodywork that addresses musculoskeletal pain and injury. Using a combination of massage, joint and soft tissue mobilisation and manual resistive techniques, HM can release chronic tension and restore balance and alignment.

The Wave Mobilisation® stroke is a precise, rounded and scooping motion which is performed rhythmically. It gently unwinds the fibres and calms the nervous system, easing pain and is profoundly relaxing to receive. Used alongside muscle energy techniques and gentle joint mobilisations, Hendrickson Method® can help resolve acute injuries, pulled muscles, stiff necks, etc.                              Chronic complaints such as arthritis, low back pain, tendonitis in various parts of the body, migraine, fibromyalgia and other persistent issues can be managed so that they have less impact on your life. Massage and manual therapy will help you regain flexibility, improve your range of motion and help you towards being pain free and able to get on with life again.

Massage is not a substitute for medical care. You may be asked to return to your doctor for clarification or approval for using massage alongside your doctor’s care to ensure that we all work to best manage your condition.



Kathryn Griffin