Jessie Ellerton


Jessie Ellerton

Jessie Ellerton

My background is I have been a practising Osteopath for 8 years treating ailments and injuries and last year I decided to take a break from general practice. In the meantime I have been furthering my ‘Yoga education’.

I formerly taught Kundalini Yoga in Whitchurch, and after having immersed myself in the practise for 3 years, my body once again decided it needed a break from the intensity of the practice – it was a strong form of yoga which required time for integration.

Since then I have completed further training with Dr. Uma Dinsmore Tuli who is an expert in the field of Yoga for women’s health. The approach of this yoga is responsive and nurturing, grounding and empowering. It has taught me to listen more closely to the signals my body gives me, to guide me through life with greater balance and vitality.

I’ve also been on a healing journey with this kind of yoga and so am keen to share it with others.

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