Fees (back up 2 dont use)

Practitioners prefer to be paid directly, by either cash or cheque. All other items, such as medicines, supplements and health foods can be purchased in the shop where debit or credit cards are also acceptable.

Acupuncture and Associated Techniques

  Initial Consultation and Treatment £45
  Subsequent appointments £40
Children and young people under 18
  Initial Consultation and Treatment £35
  Follow-up appointments £30

Aromatherapy Massage

  Larger areas or new clients - 60 minutes £45
  Full body massage - 90 minutes £60

Counselling and Psychotherapy

  Individual clients (Over 18's only) £40
  Couples £60
  Student Counsellors £25

Herbal Medicine

  Initial Consultation £50
  Follow-up Appointments £30
Children and young people under 16
  Initial Consultation £40
  Follow-up appointments £20
  Medicines are charged separately  
Dispensing Fees
  Two items or less £3
  Three items or more £5



Initial Appointment (1 hour) £50
Follow-up Appointment (30 minutes) £30

Fascia Work

  Lymphatic work (usually 1 hour) £40
  Scar Work (usually 90 minutes) £60


Nutritional Therapy (Sally Cowman)

  Initial Consultation (90 mins) £80
  Follow-up Consultation (45 mins) £50


Nutritional Therapy (Saskia Knight)

  Initial Consultation (1 hour) £65

Follow-up Consultation (45 mins)

Children Initial Consultation

Children Follow-up Consultation





Hendrickson Method™ and
Remedial Massage

  Initial Appointment and Assessment £45
  Follow up Appointment £40

Foot Health

  Per session £30
  Warm Wax Treatment £30
   Home visits  £30



  Per session £60
  5 sessions £275
  Becoming a non-smoker (2 sessions) £200


Reflexology, Reiki, Dr Bach Flower Remedies

Initial Consultation
(Includes a first Bach Flower Remedy bottle)
Follow-up treatment £35
Children half price  
Infertility and Pregnancy Packages are
available: please enquire



First appointment  (Allow up to 60 mins)           £45

Follow up appointments  (40 mins)                       £40

Card payment facilities available