Back Pain

Back Pain

Back pain affects most people at some point in their life and is recognised as being a major cause of absence from work in the UK. It includes pain in the neck, upper and lower back down to the hips.Whiplash, slipped disc and sciatica are all familiar terms used to describe the signs and symptoms of neck or back pain.

Causes of back discomfort or pain can be due to muscle tightness, ligamentous and postural strains, pelvic problems, arthritis and inflammation or injuries to the vertebral column including the disc and facet joints(which run down the back of the spine).

The pain may be of traumatic onset often involving acute inflammation, usually worse in the morning, or it may have developed over time for no apparent reason.

Sometimes a nerve can become trapped around the spine or in a tight muscle causing symptoms such as pain, pins and needles or numbness in the legs or feet. This is commonly referred to as ‘sciatica’. Similar symptoms can also occur in the arms in the case of neck pain.

A qualified healthcare practitioner should be able to identify the cause of your problem and in the majority of cases, the right therapeutic intervention can help to restore balance to your body.Screenshot_1

Traditional Treatments for Back Pain