Thérèse Hickland


Thérèse Hickland

My passion is common-sense advice and the safe and appropriate use of plant medicine – 'old world medicine in a new world context'. With a clinical background in nursing, midwifery and health visiting, I came to believe that conventional medicine has its limitations and that some patients gain great benefit by exploring the alternative therapies available.

I trained in Herbal Medicine, Holistic Massage and Aromatherapy at the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine, graduating with a Bsc Honours in Herbal Medicine in 2006.

As a medical herbalist I am trained to diagnose and treat within the full spectrum of acute and chronic illness which can present throughout life. Each plant that I use has a number of constituents which work together for physical, emotional and energetic health. I will combine plants to create a medicine for you, whose action is more powerful than any single herb.

Feel the benefit of gentle but empowering plant medicines which give your body the bridge to self-healing. Have a full assessment of your complaint within the context of your medical history, dietary analysis and life-style; get advice to improve your health and a herbal treatment to support you on the path to renewed health and well-being.

For some patients, that healing (physical or emotional), may need the physical touch of massage with essential oils from the plants. These plant oils are combined as in a medicine and work together to heal effectively.

My background in Midwifery and Health visiting has equipped me to safely advise throughout pregnancy and childhood.

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Bsc(Hons) Herbal Medicine
Aromatherapy (ITEC)
Holistic Massage (ITEC)

01948 665565