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6 months ago
Your Vaginal Flora - What All Women Should Know

Most people have heard of the gut microbiome but did you know the vagina has it's own microbiome too?

A healthy diverse ecology of flora is essential helping to promote good health and ward off ... See more

A blog that every woman can relate to, to educate you on the vaginal flora, also known as the vaginal microbiome, across a range of life events/stages.

7 months ago
A.Vogel Herbal Remedies

There are lots of nasty coughs and colds doing the rounds.

A cough isn't just a cough - some are dry and unproductive, others are really chesty with lots of loose phlegm, some are caused by ... See more

Chesty cough? Catarrh? Bronchoforce is a herbal remedy containing extracts of liquorice and freshly harvested Ivy and Thyme.

Try this remedy if you are experiencing catarrh or mucous in the throat ... See more

7 months ago
Whitchurch Makers Market

It's cold outside, especially for the dedicated Makers Market bunch!
Wrap up warm and do support the makers market if you can ?
Of course you are welcome to check in with us too ? - between warming ... See more

Good morning Whitchurch

It’s Today ! our first Makers Market of 2019

Wrap up warm n’ cosy and join us on the High Street and Bull Ring from 10am - 4 pm

Start your Saturday ... See more

7 months ago
Jenny Hampton Massage

One of the subtler benefits of having regular massage is becoming more aware of aches, pains and areas of tension in the body.

In the last week, two clients have told me that, due to a combination ... See more

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