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1 year ago
Wild Pickle

We are looking really forward to Wild Pickle running their Kombucha workshop at Healing Thyme on 15th May!
It will set you up for a summer with a difference!
Look at all these amazing Kombucha ... See more

Fermentation opens the door to creativity, flavours and fun!!

I'm loving the different scobies, teas, flavours that kombucha makes ????

I love the fact that different strains of a bacteria and ... See more

1 year ago
Photos from Healing Thyme's post

Thank you so much to everyone who came along today! Great to have your prints left behind ? We look forward to adding to the collection and our events!!

1 year ago
Photos from Healing Thyme's post

We have an EVENT ROOM which we are busy getting back online ?!!

Looking forward to inviting the local community in on Saturday, 13th April to leave hand-prints and finish off this beautiful process ... See more

1 year ago

People occasionally come into the shop enquiring about Frankincense essential oil and when we enquire about their use, cancer gets mentioned. We have never supported this use and also emphasise that ... See more

Feeling sad the more I hear about the misuse and malpractice of essential oils by people not trained to use them. More and more people asking me about the use of neat Frankincense oil in the use of ... See more

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