Depression is a very common problem, in fact about one in five of us will suffer from it at some point in our lives. Causes may include financial or housing problems, difficulties in relationships or bereavement. For some people the problem can become so bad that it interferes with normal life.

New research has helped us to understand more about depression. It has been accepted that sometimes people may be biologically predisposed to experiencing this feeling. However, we can work towards making ourselves better.

We now understand that our thoughts can play an important part in depression. Changes in feelings may take place gradually but the way a person sees themselves when they are depressed can be very different from how they usually think.

In this way we can experience unhelpful thoughts that we think are true. They can cause us to gradually feel worse and help to maintain the problem. The good news is that with help we can do something to alter how we have these thoughts.

It has long been established that our thoughts, emotions, physical feelings and behaviour all have a direct influence on each other.

Traditional Treatments for Depression